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Gus Communication Devices (GCD) has been a leader in the field of AAC/speech software development for over 21 years.  Currently, GCD offers the internet's largest selection of speech software and devices.

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September 16, 2017:  TalkTablet LITE, the evaluation version of TalkTablet is now available!!


TalkTablet LITE includes ALL of the features of the full version of TalkTablet ($80), including the 30,000+ SymbolStix Communciation Symbol Library as well as voice output, but with the following differences...

1.  TalkTablet LITE allows the editing/adding of buttons and pages, however, all buttons

     and pages will revert back to their original state each time TalkTablet LITE is restarted.

2.  TalkTablet LITE does not include our wireless page and file sharing service

3.  TalkTablet LITE with speak "Thank you for using TalkTablet" at the end of message bar phrases

Why isn't the evaluation version free?  

TalkTablet LITE includes the complete 30,000 SymbolsStix communication symbol library (owned by News-2-U).  There, we are required to paya royalty fee for each app downloaded.

Evaluation Version for iOS and Android devices

TalkTablet from Gus Communication Devices is the #1 source for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows and Kindle speech software/apps for individuals with autism, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, ALS and other conditions. Also communication devices and speech generating devices. Communication aid and iPad and Android speech apps for autism