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Gus Communication Devices (GCD) has been a leader in the field of AAC/speech software development for over 21 years.  Currently, GCD offers the internet's largest selection of speech software and devices.

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Introduction to TalkTablet

Videos - Apple (iOS)

Introduction à Talk Tablet de Gus Inc en français

TalkTablet is © 1996 Gus Communication Devices Inc. All rights reserved. TouchChat is © Silver Kite. All rights reserved. Proloquo2go is © AssitveWare All rights reserved

Adding or Editing buttons and pages (folders)

TalkTablet en francais: plus d'infos pour parametrer

Understanding the button "Actions" feature

Adding a symbol, picture or photo to a button

How to MOVE buttons

Linking a standard button to an existing page

Edit/modify page settings (# of buttons, size, color etc)

Creating a NEW user/vocabulary from scratch

Stopping annoying repetitive taps of same button

Preventing unwanted editing of buttons/pages

Creating dimmed and invisible buttons

Using TalkTablet with other languages

Copying and pasting buttons

Transfering/sharing buttons or pages with other users

Button/page sharing with other TalkTablet users

Copying/pasting an entire user/vocabulary (all pages)

Switch scanning with auditory scanning cures

Using switch/scanning in TalkTablet

NEW!!  -  January 8, 2017  -  TalkTablet All-In-One AAC/Speech Bundle Released!!

If you don't already have a tablet device, we now have a COMPLETE solution.

Gus Communication Devices is proud to announce the availability of a truly top-quality AAC/Speech aid that includes a top-rated Samsung Galaxy tablet, protective carrying case and TalkTablet AAC/speech app for Only $299 !!

Beginning today, for about the same price as a single copy of our competitors' speech apps (see chart above), you can own a COMPLETE AAC/Speech Device!!

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Connecting a swtich to TalkTablet

How to Lock the iPad to a Single App (eg TalkTablet)

The ONLY AAC/Speech app for Android, Apple iOS , Windows and Google Chrome tablet devices

Adding more volume for noisy environments

TalkTablet from Gus Communication Devices is the #1 source for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows and Kindle speech software/apps for individuals with autism, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, ALS and other conditions. Also communication devices and speech generating devices. Communication aid and iPad and Android speech apps for autism