TalkTablet is an award winning, fully featured, SPEECH app for children and adults who have difficulty communicating verbally as a result of autism, aphasia, Parkinsons, stroke, laryngectomy or other condition.  

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The ONLY AAC/Speech app for Android, Apple iOS , Windows and Google Chrome tablet devices


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#1 Most Popular Speech Tablets

1. WE COST LESS  TalkTablet costs only $79.99, one time, no subscription, and toll-free technical support for life.  Proloquo2go costs $249.99 (plus in-app purchases), TouchChatWP is $299.99 (plus in-app purchases).  

2. Toll-free Technical Support. Talk to a REAL person weekdays between 10am and 5pm (MST) at 1-866-487-1006. Or use our LIVE Chat feature on this home page (green button on bottom).  Our competitors offer only email "support", no phone number, no chat feature, and are often based in Europe (eg. Proloquo2go).

3. Multi-Platform Support. TalkTablet has versions for iPads/iPhones, Android tablets, Windows 10 tablets and Google Chrome computers.  Our competitors are iPad only.

4. FREE Wireless Button and Page Sharing. TalkTablet has it's own, included, free, cloud service that allows users to safely backup their TalkTablet data (buttons and pages), share their buttons/pages with others, or download any of the over 5,000+ buttons, pages and complete vocabularies (in multiple languages) from our cloud servers.

5. Multi-Language Support. TalkTablet supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Danish, Dutch and many more..

5 reasons to choose TalkTablet AAC/speech app

NEW!!  -  January 8, 2017  -  TalkTablet All-In-One AAC/Speech Bundle Released!!

If you don't already have a tablet device, we now have a COMPLETE solution.

Gus Communication Devices is proud to announce the availability of a truly top-quality AAC/Speech aid that includes a top-rated Samsung Galaxy tablet, protective carrying case and TalkTablet AAC/speech app for Only $299 !!

Beginning today, for about the same price as a single copy of our competitors' speech apps (see chart above), you can own a COMPLETE AAC/Speech Device!!

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Available now on TalkTablet's Cloud Servers

NEW!  CORE Plus Fringe Page Set!

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TalkTablet and Proloquo2go - A comparison of features and price

NEW!!  January 30, 2019    

               The SpeechWatch - World's FIRST AAC Speech device you can wear

TalkTablet from Gus Communication Devices is the #1 source for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows and Kindle speech software/apps for individuals with autism, stroke, cancer, laryngectomy, ALS and other conditions. Also communication devices and speech generating devices. Communication aid and iPad and Android speech apps for autism